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About Cat Lackeys:

Michelle Cook has worshiped cats and the very furniture they shed on since she was a small child. Her first cat, Mignon, quickly established herself as Queen of the Household and taught Michelle to love and respect felines and squeak “How high?!” when they said, “Jump!” She was also the honored best friend of Leroy whose poetic sensitivity was a profound influence. The young and rambunctious Roscoe is now the recipient of her lackeying skills.

Michael F. Herrmann grew up with dogs (it wasn’t until age 35 that he stopped barking at the mailman). Eventually he came to appreciate cats’ cuddletude and bizarre sense of humor. For the past 18 years he has devoted his life to catering to Sophie’s every demand, including (with her direction of course) managing her stock portfolio, her various land-holdings, and off-shore conglomerates.

Michelle and Michael combine their efforts to provide exemplary service to your own magnificent cat(s). We will do our utmost to cater to their every whim.